Saying Goodbye

I put off writing this blog for too long.  I’m not really sure why but I think it was because I didn’t really want to admit that it was time to say goodbye.  China has been our home away from home for the past two in a half years.  It’s always different, always strange, always foreign, but was home for us nonetheless.  DSC_0682

Sometimes it feels like it was all a dream.  I’m pretty sure there is no other place on this Earth quite like China.  The experiences we had together as a family are ones we will never forget and the people we met along our journey are ones we will always remember.  Our neighbors became a part of our family…

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The school wasn’t just a place the kids went to learn something but was a big part of our life outside of school.  I enjoyed teaching PE classes everyday and even found myself running the Parent Support Group because I wanted to give back to the school that has been so good to my family.


As anxious as we are to drive again we will miss our driver Yuan who drove us everywhere we wanted to go for over 2 years.  He became a part of our family and we will miss him.


I hope I learned everything I could from my Ayi (maid in China) because I doubt I will ever see her again and I know I will be cleaning my own house after I leave here.Portrait - AyiIMG_0109

There are so many other people I could write about, so many stories, and photos that did not make it here when they happened.  Everything happened so fast and now it’s time to start a new chapter in our life.  Spending the summer in America was refreshing but hard at the same time.  Though we were all excited to drink water out of the tap, eat our junk food again, and enjoy the beautiful skies…


It’s also overwhelming to see the size of everyone’s homes and the giant cars everyone drives around with only one person in the car.  We are used to seeing sometimes four men on a single motorcycle commuting, or entire families riding in a pedicab.  Commuting on a pig might be unlikely but I wasn’t surprised to see it all the same.commuting on a pigpedicab

It was also nice to see the selections in the Grocery stores again and being able to find everything we’ve been missing but been able to live without either way in just one store.  I now I realize that even though I’ve been gone a long time nothing really has changed.  Nothing changed but me.