How to feed a Crocodile in Borneo

Once in a while we get a break from China and it’s much too expensive to fly to the United States for a short time.  We took a vote and the kids wanted to go to the beach and Greg misses the mountains so I found a place for both beaches and a big mountain.  Yeah…Everyone wins!

Borneo is the third largest island in the world.  What is unique about this island is that three countries are represented here: Brunei, Malaysia, and Indonesia.  The tallest mountain in South-East Asia is also located on this island so off to Sabah we go.

This is the 2 bedroom pool villa we are going to stay in for a week and that is the mountain Greg is going to climb.

The kids jumped in the pool right away…

I was so happy to see the sun setting again I wasn’t sure I would ever want to leave this place…

The excitement wears off quickly when we realize how far away we are from everything and the food here is terrible and much too expensive.  The resort also wants a lot of money for activities.  We decided we would be better off getting a rental car for the week and going into town to eat.

Here’s our cute little rental car Greg drove on what we would say is the wrong side of the road and the wrong side of the car.  Everything in this car is opposite of what we are used to except the gas pedal and brake.  Here we are at Mount Kinabalu National Park where Greg needs to register for the climb.

Although it is possible to climb the mountain in one day most climbers take two days staying overnight at Laban Rata (3,272.7m above sea level) in order to catch the sunrise at the top in the morning before the clouds move in obscuring the views.  Greg did it all in one day.  He left the resort at 5 am and was back before 5 pm.


The South China Sea is quite warm to swim in.  We thought we would find a good snorkling spot on one of the islands here.  We took a boat out to a deserted island where the snorkling is supposed to be good but the water was too rough so we spent the day here alone and I mean ALONE!  It’s just us and the island.

What does one do on an island all day without food, bathrooms, or people?  I’ll tell you what we did…

We swam in the ocean, made sand castles, collected sea shells, played Tic-Tac-Toe and still had more than a couple hours to take a nap before it was time to depart.


We saw a sign for a Crocodile Farm and thought if it was cheap enough we would stop and check it out.  So glad we did because it ended up being the most memorable experience of our trip.  Now if you see a sign like this when you enter a Crocodile farm you know you’re in for an adventure for sure…

 I mean to tell you right after you enter the park you can get your photo taken on a fake crocodile while a real crocodile waits just a few feet away.

There are somewhere around 1,000 crocodiles in this park and for about 60 cents you can feed the crocodiles a raw chicken.  I really hope this video works because I took a lot of video but this is the only one I could get to upload.  There are also some living chickens running around the park too I noticed in case I needed to grab one of them to feed the crocs before they got one of us.

We may have survived the Crocodile Farm but now I’m not so sure I we will survive the flight back to China.  Yes all these people are going on the same plane back to Chengdu with us.


Welcome back to China!