The Many Faces of Ethan in Bali

Ethan has been nicknamed “The Photo-bomber” at our house because he likes to photo-bomb any picture we take.

This week spent in Bali, Indonesia was no different.  Ethan poses for every picture.

It sure was nice to spend the week on this beautiful beach in Nusa Dua.

  The water was so clear and warm we all enjoyed playing in the ocean here.

Olivia loved the snorkling here…


Ethan wanted to stay on the glass bottom boat where he could drink his Dad’s cold coke before he noticed.

Turtle Island was a lot of fun for the kids too.



A romantic dinner on the beach was a real nice way to end the day.

The next day the girls & I took a class with a local Silversmith learning how to make sterling silver jewelry while the boys went on a bike tour.

I really liked making jewelry with my girls.  I will never forget this time spent with them.


 The boys had fun riding bikes through rice terraces, seeing an active volcano, visiting a coffee plantation, and eating lunch with locals.


I’m not sure we will ever forget this coffee plantation either.  This is where they make coffee beans from an animal’s poop and sell it for a ton of money.

The animal eats some berries and poops them out. Someone collect the berry poop and sun-dries them until they are ready for roasting.  This is the most expensive coffee bean in the world ($100/lb.) and you couldn’t even pay me to try it either.


Other highlights of our trip to Bali included the Monkey Forest and Ubud.  I loved seeing the arts & crafts in Ubud and the monkeys are pretty fun to watch.


We also visited some temples and statues but I gotta say I find myself looking more at the beautiful views than the actual temples and landmarks.



We had a 24 hour lay-over in Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia on our way home so we took advantage of that time riding a bus from the airport into the city where we saw the famous Patronis Towers, toured what we could of the city, and enjoyed a dinner at Chili’s.   Thought we had died and gone to Heaven with the Bottomless chips & salsa and fountain drinks we greatly miss by living in China.