Freeby on Licorice

Those of you who really know me know that my favorite candy is licorice.  My favorite is  Twizzlers chocolate flavored but I’ll take any flavor really except for black licorice.  Black licorice is my mom’s favorite so I’ll usually pass that flavor on to her.

Licorice is hard to come by in China but you can usually find a small bag in the imported section for about $3.50 (not chocolate flavored though). Not to worry though we stocked up on this in the States this Christmas so if it’s a very special occasion we will raid the licorice stash.

You can imagine my surprise when I spotted this package of licorice in the imported section of Carrefore that read “buy 1 get 1 free” but what was even more surprising is the package right next to it that read “buy 1 get 2 free”.

Now here I am holding the package so my friend can take a picture for me when this employee says in perfect English “I’m sorry but taking pictures is forbidden in the store” and we told him we just thought the freebie on the licorice was funny and he responds “well I had only 5 bags left to shelf.  What was I to do?”

Now we are left to fight over who gets the extra free bag and I don’t even like black licorice.  I’ll tell you one thing I’ve learned living in China though….black licorice actually does taste good when it’s that or what I know Greg’s options are at work today…


Getting a Down Jacket made by a Tailor

I love that you can get a custom made goose feather down jacket made by a tailor in Chengdu and it is actually cheaper than buying one on ladies street.

The first thing we did was make a trip to the fabric market to see the many colors available for a jacket.  I have to be honest this process is very overwelming because the market is just too big and cumbersome.

Once we found the right fabric we rode our bikes to the tailor with our fabric in hand.

Now I’m really glad I came with a friend that speaks Chinese because the tailor asked me a lot of questions like what style I preferred, if I wanted my jacket blinged out or not, length of coat, hood or collar, and then he took my measurements and drew it all out on this paper.

This is the box of feathers that the workers weigh each part of the jacket and then they use a yard stick to distribute the feathers evenly in the jacket.  It’s all very fascinating.


Just one week later I pick up 4 coats I had made for 1000rmb ($158) using my own fabric I got at the fabric market but if I did it again I would just use the tailor’s fabric and pay a little more because I thought he had a pretty good selection and some fabrics were the same anyhow.

The purple one is Mckaela’s, blue one is Olivia’s, and the leather down is all mine!  The 4th coat is hanging in the closet in the United States just waiting for me to return to wear it.  Something to look forward to anyway.

On that note; Greg was on a bike ride the other day when he saw what he thought looked like a human head floating in the river so he did a double take and saw that it was in deed a human head floating in the water with hair and he could tell it was caucasian so he got a little closer to investigate and that is when he saw it was a head alright but just a mannequin head.  Wheew that was a close one.  Now I can’t look at a mannequin anymore without being reminded of Greg’s bike ride.