Our First Chinese New Year

We have been lucky enough this year to celebrate bringing in the New Year in both our American traditional way and experience the Chinese way.

We had a great time visiting the family; eating a yummy steak dinner with Grandma’s famous rolls, and staying up late playing games with our cousins until midnight when we could go outside and see the fireworks show the city put on.  It’s just too bad I forgot my purse back in China because I didn’t have my camera, my wallet, or my drivers license the whole time I was in the States.  A picture would have been good to insert right here but the only picture I have from our trip home is us sitting on Santa’s lap.  ~Go figure.


It took us 30 hours to get back to China but it was worth it just to see the family for the Holidays.  Our luggage didn’t make it back with us but we found it on our doorstep the next day.  The kids go back to school for a week or so and then they are out again for a whole week for the Chinese New Year celebration.  We decided to celebrate New Years Eve in the heart of the city at the Shangri-la.  We had a great room and we ordered room service and watched fireworks all night long.

I’m so glad we did this because it turned out to be an experience I’m sure we will always remember.  The fireworks started somewhere around 7 pm and we finally went to bed around 2 am and they were still going.

Anyone can buy fireworks here on any street corner.  This is what the firework booths look like.  Check out the sizes.

 We bought a box and let them off in our own neighborhood.  All I can say is that they are LOUD and not one of my pictures of the fireworks turned out very good.

Happy Year of the Dragon 2012


2 Comments on “Our First Chinese New Year”

  1. Holy Fireworks! I bet you could close your eyes and still see them days afterwards. It sounds like a cool experience.

  2. This sounds so fun! Mitch tells me he was born in the year of the dragon. That may explain a thing or two. 😛

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