The mouse that almost got away

WARNING: This post is rated PG-13 

Last night Olivia got out of bed to get a drink of water.  When she opened her bedroom door there was a mouse waiting in the hall.  She quickly shuts the door and screams. I run down the stairs to see what’s wrong.  Surprisingly, I’m not shocked to see a mouse.  I mean it’s not the first mouse I’ve seen and I’m sure it won’t be the last one either.

The barricade is set up and I’m standing my ground behind it while Greg is trying to usher the mouse out into the garage with a mop.  It’s almost free but takes a turn back to the girls bedroom door and steps in the glue trap instead.


This is where the PG-13 rating comes into play….with the kids watching daddy putting the trapped mouse into a garbage bag, the mouse squeals the worst squeal you can imagine unless your fortunate enough to hear Ethan’s interpretation of the squeal noise.  He’s rather good at imitating the mouse now that he’s been traumatized by the day’s events.

Now let’s back up a few hours before this incident.  We come home from a fun day hiking the Mini Great Wall near the ancient city of Laodai to a horrible smell in the house.  I’m just sure there is a dead rat in the house but not sure where to look for it.  The smell is coming from the kitchen but our friends are on their way over for dinner so I only have time to open some windows and light some candles.  Unable to stand the smell anymore Greg pulls out the fridge and I take off the floorboards under the cabinets and HELLO…dead mouse!

Everyone evacuates the house and lucky for me the Security Guards show up a few minutes later to remove the mouse.

Now if we back up to just a few weeks ago, I had to have the Gas Company install a new gas line into the house for the gas stove. All because a rat had chewed through the gas pipe into the house and I had a gas leak resulting from it.  Now with a new gas line and the pipes closed into the house, where are these creatures coming from?  I’m told the best thing to do is get a cat but I’m seriously willing to live with the occasional mouse than with a cat in the house.  What does that say about me?


3 Comments on “The mouse that almost got away”

  1. Robin says:

    I think it says you are one smart girl. I am not a cat person either. I mean mice are nasty but cats are just dirty.

  2. Kathy Muir says:

    Sharae, I think you should be a journalist. Your experiences are priceless. I can’t believe you have the presence of mind to grab a camera. I would have gone berserk. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences.

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