Riding Elephants in Thailand

A National Holiday is upon us again and the kids are out of school for a whole week so Thailand here we come….

We can fly directly to Bangkok from Chengdu and then it’s just another short flight to Phuket where we want to ride elephants and play at the beach.

We stayed at the Ramada Resort in Khao Lak.  I liked that they picked us up from the airport and provided us with a wet towel service and cold water bottles.  Once we got to the resort they gave us freshly squeezed Orange Juice ~Yummy!

Our breakfast was included everyday and right on the ocean too…

Every night we tried a new restaurant for dinner and thought they were all good.  There was also a guy selling Thai pancakes filled with banana, nutella, fresh coconut or pineapple.  Whatever you wanted in your pancake for $1 ea.  We had to have one of those everyday too.

We all agreed that the most memorable experience in Thailand is riding on elephants.

There are around 4,000 elephants to be found in Thailand and it’s said that elephants bring good luck.  Riding an elephant might bring us some luck but I think it’s more likely we will be lucky to not fall off…


I did think it was fun to ride on an elephant through the rainforest.  You can see up close how they harvest rubber trees in this region and then take a swim at the waterfall.

The kids liked feeding the elephants and Greg and I liked the fresh pineapple and coke they gave us after the ride.


The kids are still talking about riding the elephants but as I’m writing this they are reminding me of the leech’s we pulled off Greg and Olivia in the rainforest and our visit to the memorial for the Tsunami in 2004.

The kids were also excited to ride so many different forms of transportation while in Thailand…

We rode the skytrain to get from the airport to the hotel in Bangkok.  We also used the skytrain to get to the market, shopping centers, and then we took a tuk tuk to the pier.



The river cruise was an interesting way to see Bangkok too.


We didn’t see many boats at the floating market today but we only needed one to pick souveniers from…


It was nice to get out of China for a week even if it was Thailands wet season and believe me we saw plenty of rain there but we still went home with sunburns and a smile on our faces.


4 Comments on “Riding Elephants in Thailand”

  1. Tom & Joan Christensen says:

    WOW what wonderful memories you are making!
    Love Grandma Sweetheart & Grandpa Tom

  2. Robin says:

    I absolutely love this post! What a great trip! Those smile are so heartwarming and looks like a totally fun, fun trip!

  3. Great pictures! What an adventure riding on elephants. Sounds like fun.

  4. That is awesome! Those are all the places that I went with my sister in 2000. I loved riding in the Tuk Tuk’s. We went to a floating market just outside of Bangkok and it was so pretty. I just loved the whole area- the flowers all over were just incredible. I am so glad to hear you had fun. I dream of going back there, especially to Phuket. So fun!

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