A Chinese Opera

I’ve heard that everyone should see a chinese opera at least once in their life.  I’ve also been told it’s a unique experience and very different.  So here we are celebrating my birthday at the Sichuan Opera House in the Shufengyayun Operatic Circle of the Chengdu Culture Park.

We asked our driver if he has ever seen the Chinese Opera and he says “No I think it is pure torture to go and listen to the terrible noise.  Even if someone paid for me to go to the Opera, I still would not go.”  Then he tells us he will not be far away from the Opera House if we decide to leave early he could always save us from the Opera.  We laugh about it and walk into the Opera House.

Here’s the cool thing about the Opera House.  You can see the performers getting ready for the show.

I liked seeing all the cool costumes.  It gets you really excited to see the show.


They also provide you with tea and peanuts and someone will ask if you want a massage while you are waiting for the show to start.  I’ve also never before seen a teapot quite like the one the servers had.  The spout on that thing was a good 3 feet long so they could reach all the teapots from the isle.  It almost looked more like a fishing pole than a teapot.

I even thought it was a nice touch that they have these cool little robes you can borrow if you are cold.

Then the show started and we heard a lot of noise. Just as our driver predicted it was a terrible noise.  I wish I had on camera the look on Greg’s face because it was priceless but it was actually hard to take any pictures from this point on.  A little singing, drama opera in the local Sichuan Dialect, playing chinese music instruments, a nice silhouette show, and our favorite, the changing of the masks. They were so fast they could literally change their mask in one second.
Not sure I would want to see it all again but it  was a fun birthday memory!


4 Comments on “A Chinese Opera”

  1. I’m glad you got to do something fun and unique for your birthday, even if it did involve a lot of noise. 🙂 That’s quite the treatment for the audience!

  2. Robin says:

    Oh I am smiling thinking about your adventures and how rich your stories are and will be for years to come. Happy Happy! I love that you look for the silver lining in all.

  3. Brandee says:

    How Fun! That is one birthday you will never forget and neither will Greg. Love the picture of you and Greg.

  4. Tom & Joan says:

    The picture of you and Greg is very SPECIAL! We sure do love you all!

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