Playing in the water on Tiantai Mountain

The mountains in the Sichuan Province of China are completely different from our Rocky Mountains back home.  The last mountain I wrote a blog about had monkeys and a giant Buddha carved out of the mountain but Tiantai Mountain has some beautiful waterfalls and an obstacle course through water.

As the legend goes, Mount Tiantai used to be carried by a giant turtle, swimming in the ocean until a goddess cut off the turtle’s legs in order to use them to support the falling sky and she moved the mountain to the dry land of Southwest China so that it would not sink in the ocean.

Our plan was to drive to the top of the mountain and hike our way down the mountain but by the time we reached the top we didn’t have much time to do all the hiking trails.  The kids usually whine a little when we mention the word “hike” but this hiking trail was too much fun to complain.  First you need to cross over the river…

The views are so nice even this bride is having her wedding pictures done here.  The rose pedals are a nice touch don’t you think?

  We love bamboo rafts and we were lucky enough to have it all to ourselves today…

  This lovers chain game was too tempting to pass by.  Olivia and Greg decided to try it out.

Plan on getting wet because most of the trail is wet.

There are cool handmade sandals you can get quite cheap if you don’t come prepared.

There is so much creativity on this mountain. The water wheel, suspension bridge, tree-house, and swings just to mention a few.



By the time we made it through the obstacle course it was time to head home so we didn’t get to see the famous waterfall and natural bridge over it but that is one more reason to come back another weekend.


6 Comments on “Playing in the water on Tiantai Mountain”

  1. What a neat place! I love the obstacle course (my boys would love this)! I think the view of the waterfall and natural bridge definitely look like they’d be worth a return trip.

  2. Jamie says:

    That looks so fun! I know my family would love it. I’m glad u guys are having fun! 😉

  3. Emily Barros says:

    Hello! Your visit looks lovely! My husband and I would like to visit Tiantai in June, but there seems to be very little info about getting there and getting around on the mountain. Did you find any useful information that helped you with your trip? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • chinachatter says:

      I should have included a link when I wrote the blog. It’s been so long now but it’s only 110 km from Chengdu making it an easy getaway on the weekend. June is a great time to visit. We went a few times while we lived in Chengdu. Have fun~

      Maybe this link will help. There’s also some talk on Trip Advisor on it too.

      • Emily says:

        Thank you for the info and the site! Do you remember where on the mountain you found this water obstacle course?


      • chinachatter says:

        We started at the top (highest point for cars) there was a lot of stairs and the gate entrance (shown in first picture) we entered there and stayed on path until we reached the river. Once you cross the river it seems the obstacle course started shortly after. The natural bridge this mountain is famous for is below this point.

        I hope this helps.

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