Ordering McDonalds in China

Ordering at McDonalds in China

How hard can that be?

We stopped at McDonalds on our way home from swimming and soccer yesterday because the kids wanted a Happy Meal.  Greg said that ordering a meal at McDonald’s is the hardest thing he has done in China.  I tell him, “they have a menu with pictures on it. How hard can it be?”  He says, “I don’t know.  Just watch and you’ll see.” So I leave the kids in the car with McKaela and we take our driver into McDonald’s with us and I’m thinking with the three adults, one being a fluent Mandarin-sichuanese speaker, that we should be able to get three happy meals without any problems.

Here is the menu.  I point to the chicken nuggets and the Happy Meal box and use my fingers to show them I want three of them.  They bring me three hamburgers instead.  This takes some patience and time to figure out but we finally get the order right.

Now I’m curious how Greg is going to get his Big Mac he orders “plain”.  The word “Mei” pronounced “may” in Mandarin means “No” and the word “Meiyou” pronounced “mayo” means “do not have” so Greg says “meiyou” meaning he doesn’t want anything on the hamburger but instead gets nothing but mayo on his hamburger.

With the help of our driver and a lot more patience we finally make it out of McDonalds with our empty calories.  Lesson learned….we tell the kids our next Chinese lesson is to learn how to order chicken nuggets in Chinese.


3 Comments on “Ordering McDonalds in China”

  1. elisabeth says:

    What is that next to the strawberry sunday and shake? Blueberry pie? Looks good!
    What is next to the french fries? Shrimp or mini tater tots?


  2. Jamie says:

    What an adventure! Tell McKaela I say hi! 🙂

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