Visit to the Doctors office

This is the day that I have dreaded the most coming to China.  What happens if the kids get sick while we are living in China?  Will we have to go to a Chinese doctor who will recommend acupuncture, herbal medicines, or a foot massage.  I might agree with a foot massage remedy but I doubt that will cure what the kids have.

I made an appointment with the Western Doctor at a place called Parkway Health and was impressed that I was actually able to make the appointment in English and even more impressed that I was able to get Mckaela into the doctor before noon.  Maybe I have heard too many stories of Chinese doctors because I definitely wasn’t expecting the service I received there.

I expected the doctor’s office to be like a dirty Urgent Care type place with a half million people there because there are a half million people everywhere I go here but it was a very clean facility and I didn’t see many other patients.  The staff all spoke English and we didn’t have to wait for the doctor like we always do back home.  Another fear I had was what if I would need to get an antibiotic where would I need to go and what would that experience be like trying to talk to a Chinese Pharmacist but turns out the clinic had an on-site Pharmacy and the Pharmacist also spoke English and I didn’t have to wait for 20 minutes either while they fill the prescription.

The visit only took 30 minutes and the bill was 1480 rmb. which is $228 U.S. which included the prescription and the inhaler my daughter needs now.  My driver says it’s high-way robbery and I could have saved so much money going to a chinese doctor but I thought it was well worth the money and I’m going to be reimbursed for the office visit anyway.  I think I have enough crazy adventures in China I’m so relieved the doctors visit wasn’t one of them.

If you are wondering what Mckaela has it turned out to be a respiratory infection and to show you how unclean the air is here in Chengdu.  The Ministry of Environmental Protection for the People’s Republic of China has a daily air quality report and anything under 50 is great but yesterday the report showed the air quality in Chengdu at 128 and today it reads 174.  From what information I could find on the quality of air back in our hometown in Colorado it read 35 yesterday so it’s quite a different air we are breathing here.  I’ve also been told that since we live so far South of Chengdu the air is much cleaner but with all the construction going on out here I really don’t believe that it’s any cleaner.  Some days I can see the difference but some days it’s just as hazy as it is in the middle of town.

Here are some pictures to show you the difference between a clear day and today….




We will just stay indoors and watch all those pirated movies until we are all healthy again.  Cheers~


One Comment on “Visit to the Doctors office”

  1. Kim says:

    I am glad it went well. I thought you sounded worried yesterday and now I know why!

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