Flesh Eating Fish, Monkeys, and a Giant Buddha carved out of the Mountain

Where else can you have fish nibble your dead skin while soaking in a spa after a long day hiking up and down a mountain to see monkeys that steal your camera in exchange for food and a giant Buddha carved out of the mountain?
Mount Emei

Mount Emei is the highest Buddhist mountain in China and it just happens to be in the Sichuan province where we now live. Measuring at 10,167 feet high when you come from Colorado where there are over 100 peaks over 10,000 feet in elevation we just had to see this mountain.
All it takes to reach the summit is a two hour bus ride that Ethan said smelled like a Bounce House.

Then you can either walk up some steps for another hour or take this scary looking tram up the mountain.

Then it’s just a couple steps to the top from there…

Well it’s more than a couple steps actually but the Buddha is really cool and I couldn’t keep the kids off the elephants.

What is this? A trap door on the back of the Buddha? Maybe the Hokey Pokey isn’t really what it’s all about.

Now you just need to walk down all the steps you just walked up to get back to the bus.

It’s just a few more steps I’m sure…

Okay maybe I should have spent the money to get a ride down the mountain like these guys…

No wonder the coke is more expensive at the top of the mountain.

Seriously, save some money for the Hot Springs at the bottom of the mountain because they are worth it. There are spas outdoors, some indoors, some that are super hot, some not so hot, some with jetted tubs, some that are hidden and even some with a waterfall but the coolest spa is the spa with flesh eating fish ready to eat the dead skin off your body.

Greg and I put our feet in but I don’t think either one of us could keep them in longer than 10 seconds it’s just that ticklish and WEIRD but I would love to see someone else try it. The kids wouldn’t even put their finger in long enough for the fish to nibble on them.
The next day was all about monkeys. The walk to see the monkeys was just gorgeous.

The monkey zone is crazy. These monkeys are everywhere and they are smart little buggers too. They will jump on your head and stay there until you or a monk gives them food to get off and if you offer a little snack they will take it all. They know where you keep the goodies and they aren’t afraid to help themselves. The monkeys are also unclean and unpredictable but the kids don’t care about any of this.

What do you think these people are looking at?

My American Kids. Yes, they all stand in line to get a picture with the Americans. I heard the Chinese name for “foreigner” and someone even said in English that our kids were so beautiful.

Someone even wanted a picture with me in it. Wow, aren’t I famous now?

The Giant Buddha carved out of the Mountain is about a 30 minute drive from Mount Emei. It’s quite the tourist attraction so plan on a half million of your closest friends to be there as well. You can walk down some steep steps to see the Buddha from head to toe or if it’s a clear day you can take a boat ride out to see the whole thing at one time. Since it was a clear day we decided on the boat ride.

Don’t forget the kids will all want Souveniers…

Thanks Dad!
This performer was getting ready for a KungFu Show and walked on his hands all the way down the steps and then did some push-ups using only two fingers to hold him up.

Ethan said he could do that too and he did….

Even the performer was so impressed he came over and gave Ethan a High Five.

Definately a Spring Break to remember!


6 Comments on “Flesh Eating Fish, Monkeys, and a Giant Buddha carved out of the Mountain”

  1. I love reading about your adventures as rock stars in China. The monkeys are cool but I’m not sure about fish nibbling on my dead flesh…uh, maybe not.

  2. Andrew Murphy says:

    Great writeup. Glad to hear you survived the Great Buddha. We thought we might run into you there, but as you say, it was a complete zoo. Save travels and hope you enjoy the next couple of years.

  3. Robin says:

    I love everything about this post! The pics are great and i can only imagine strangers asking to have their picture taken with you. Crazy! The part about the kids being beautiful is true in any language! Missing you guys and wishing I could go on some of these excursions with you guys1

    • chinachatter says:

      Oh but you are with us. Everytime I log onto FB or Sykpe I can see your beautiful face and I don’t feel so far away anymore. Yesterday I was home on Skype and my mom was on skype and Mckaela was on skype at school and that is how surreal our world is now.

  4. Carolynn Hansen says:

    This is just awesome. So much fun to see! Thank you.

  5. Vanessa says:

    Rae– I am so intrigued by your stories–and get such good laughs out of your descriptions of events! What an amazing experience for you all. Keep the posts coming!

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