Flat Stanley Buffy goes to Yangshuo

Flat Stanley is a children’s book about a boy who gets flattened in his sleep and makes the best of his altered state in the many adventures he has while being flattened.  This is Buffy.

She’s been with our family for many years.  Well, actually this is a replacement Buffy we had to find on Amazon being the only look-a-like Buffy we could find since the original was lost but just pretend with me this is the original Buffy dog and you can follow along on the adventures this flat Stanley dog is having this week in China.

Just this week Buffy got to ride on a plane with Mckaela to Yangshuo on a school trip.   She visited the local fresh market to prepare for the 5 hour cooking class so she can come home and teach us how to cook a chinese meal.  (notice the chicken doesn’t come from the freezer section and there are not baby carrots in a ready-made baggy.)


Mountain biking just took on a whole new meaning with obstacles along the way like cows and watch out for the rocks it might be someone’s grave…



Bicycling is one of the most popular things to do in beautiful Yangshuo.  This place is so beautiful it is pictured on the 20 yuan bill but to get the best view you take a bamboo raft down the beautiful Li River.  The only problem is the sky is usually hazy and blocks most of the mountain.  Even the sun has a hard time shining here.


Buffy also saw a tea plantation where they make the most expensive tea you can find in China.  It’s called Qing Ming and it’s made from the first buds that appear in the season.  The tea here is placed in the glass and then they pour the hot water in the glass and keep refilling as needed.  There is no “tea bag” like you find in the states. 


Other highlights of  Yangshuo include the Sound & Light Show Performance put on by the same director who orchestrated 2008 Beijing Olympics Opening and Closing ceremonies, local shopping in the village, Kungfu, Tai-Chi, or a traditional Chinese painting lessons, and even the Yingzi Karst Cave.  The kids had a great time and it was quite an adventure for Buffy too.


I can’t help but laugh when I read these translations when I see them…



2 Comments on “Flat Stanley Buffy goes to Yangshuo”

  1. Buffy is one lucky pooch. What great adventures still await him?

    I think I would go “chicken free” if I lived in China–eewww!

  2. Anna says:

    What an amazing trip! I’ve seen pictures of those mountains – they are beautiful. I’m sure McKaela (and Buffy) won’t forget this trip.

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