House Hunting in Chengdu

What do you look for when you’re looking for a house?  Do you prefer the city life or would you rather commute to work and live in a quiet area?  Do you want to live close to the kids schools? Close to the shopping areas?  These are all questions that we have had to answer in order to find a home in Chengdu.

There are several international schools to choose from and several areas in town where other expat families live.  Greg didn’t want a commute but even in town the commute is more than 30 minutes.  (Can’t just ride his bike a couple blocks to work anymore)

Some of the choices available were questionable??????

Some were a little too fancy for our taste.  (can you just see Ethan in this room?)

and this is the view from a two story penthouse apartment on the 29th floor.  (Not sure we could get McKaela even on the elevator)

So in the end we decided to live a little closer to the ground in this apartment complex.  Comes with a free clothes line to hang your laundry out for everyone to see.

 no really there is no need to worry about us we found a house to live in.  (the only “house” available apparently) but it is a house in a nice, quiet area south of Chengdu. 

Greg’s commute will be close to one hour but he has a driver and can check his email and stuff on the road.  The kids will all go to QSI International school

A bus picks them up for school and I can volunteer as much as I want to.  The teachers for all kids have already sent my kids emails with pictures of the class and fieldtrips they have gone on and I’m excited for them to make new friends and learn some pretty interesting facts about the other countries the kids in the school come from.  The school currently represents 34 different countries.

The community we live in is a  golf course community with a grocery store on-site and even a place for me to workout while the kiddos are at school.

Just think we are now just 24 hours away from starting our adventure.  Only 15.5 hours on one plane and lugging our baggage through two other airports and 3 hour lay-overs and we should be in China in no time.  ~Wish us luck


11 Comments on “House Hunting in Chengdu”

  1. Allison Carr says:

    I am so Excited for you! WHat an amazing adventure and personally I feel blessed you
    are sharing it with everyone:) I can hardly wait for your next post……….

  2. Sharla says:

    Here’s wishing you luck! Love the blog so far! Your house looks nice — what an adventure for you all!

  3. Great pics. I think you made a great “house” decision. In fact, you might not want to come back home. Fly safe 🙂

  4. Kristen says:

    Love the blog. Can’t wait to follow you along. Be safe

  5. Mark Christensen says:

    Awesome,, looks to be fun,, Great Blog I will stay tuned..

  6. Courtney says:

    How fun to see your new home and school! We’re excited for you! Best wishes for safe travel!

  7. Julie says:

    So is your bathroom in your new house like the one in the first picture? The house looks super nice, just not nearly as foreign as I thought. Hope you made it there safe. Can’t wait to hear all your adventures! Good luck!

    Love, Julie

    • chinachatter says:

      Yes the pics are actual pics of the house. Believe it or not the neighbors bathroom is in the same busy wallpaper. Must have been a sale or something. Not sure yet what I can do about that but I noticed my mom has a nice new recliner in her house that matches the wallpaper in China. She will feel right at home when she comes to visit!

  8. So many unique choices in housing. I love the house. I hope you made it there safely and that everyone was able to endure the trip. Can’t wait to hear more from you. Take care and good luck!

  9. Robin says:

    I love your house! and the neighborhood sounds amazing. Imagine that you found a place to work out! So cool. You know there are a few other blog spots called China Chatter? I found them when I tried to google your spot instead of typing it in.

    Thinking about you guys and sending you big hugs!

  10. Anna says:

    I hear you guys arrived safe and sound. Have you slept off the jet lag yet? I imagine the kids have started school. I hope that’s going well. Sherae, your place looks really nice! The school, the community center, etc. I’m sure you’ll all settle into a routine in no time, and I’ll be checking back often to see updates. Good luck!

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